cosmic service. important mission.

Cosmic service

For more than a decade, our mission has been to provide complete digital agency services to a wide range of clients, working closely with new and established businesses. We will consult, create, develop and maintain in key services, including:

  • websites and web applications
  • custom web programming and development
  • logo design and branding
  • digital promotion
  • design for digital and print solutions
  • hosting and server maintenance

We will work with you to help you communicate your brand values to your customers and maximise on opportunities in a rapidly changing digital environment.

Important mission

We’re creative and full of innovative ideas, but our mission is your business’ success. That’s why the people we work with see us as an important part of their business strategy. They trust us to look after their digital space so they can focus fully on serving their customers. We are committed to ongoing customer relationships and we hope to work alongside you to help your business succeed.

Who we’ve worked with

We have worked with a range of organisations, from exciting start-ups to universities, charities and giant corporations. These have included the NHS, G4S, NAAFI, Liverpool Football Club and the legend that is Michael Parkinson.

The Crew

Andy Bishop

Creative Director

Andy is a BA Hons graduate of Typography & Graphic Communication and has more experience in design for print and web than he’d care to admit for fear of betraying his advancing years. With age comes wisdom, however, and he has a high level of expertise in open-source web and server technologies and oversees our web delivery, ensuring that our servers are maintained and up to date.

Heading up our Production team, Andy will take time to listen carefully to your requirements, working with you to ensure that your branding is communicated accurately. He also manages the team to deliver professional, effective designs and interfaces. This translates directly to the experience your customers will receive when they use the finished article.

Andy’s experience ensures we can provide a complete package to you, including branding, print and electronic design.

Andy is ginger, but no-one’s perfect. Oh, and he’s a grammar pedant. Bizarrely, he will have checked this text. Outside of work he likes to spend time with his family, occasionally swimming, watching films and painting if he can find the time. He is 52% fluent in Spanish which juxtaposes awkwardly with his love of all things Italian.

Adam Gardner

Managing Director

Adam has a BSc(Hons) degree in Management Science and has many years experience in marketing and sales, for many years in the technical training industry.

Managing our daily operations, Adam concentrates on the strategic planning of the company as well as providing our customers with guidance and services for marketing - ensuring that client expectations are met with the appropriate messages to communicate their brand accurately and consistently to their target audience to maximise return from their web systems. This also includes helping at a tactical level; planning Search Engine Optimisation strategies, AdWords campaigns and training staff on-site to get the most out of their applications and back office operations.

Adam is our annoyingly energetic fitness freak and when not competing in triathlons, attempts to attend as many music festivals as possible.

Mark Haunton

Senior Developer

Mark heads up our larger projects and has over 10 years experience working with open-source technologies, and is our chief Symfony2 PHP framework expert. His job is to work closely with you to identify your needs and come up with solutions to get the most out of your web application. He then translates this into specifications and systems requirements and leads the team in building the systems.

Once the systems are built he will then continue to liaise closely with you to maintain and update your systems, constantly identifying new opportunities for improvement.

Mark is perfect and writes copy for our website.

Adam Kinder

Wordpress Developer

This Adam is a BSc graduate of Web Design and has many years of experience working with web technologies. He is one of our resident Wordpress experts. He helps ensure that your needs are translated into systems using the best technologies on offer. An organised individual and an experienced tester, he will propel your projects to be delivered on time and to the level of quality you expect.

He also manages the support of systems, maintaining servers, updating frameworks and will help look after your sites and systems day to day.

Adam is nuts about football and trains a youth team as a qualified FA Trainer. Sadly he supports Blackpool (although not their owners). He can also be found running around fields chasing after his dog, Lola and making frequent trips up North.