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Palabora Europe Limited (formerly Mandoval Limited) was founded in 1944 for the European distribution of crude vermiculite from the Transvaal Ore Company in South Africa. The name change not only reflects a sharper focus on their marketing activities but also strengthens the link with Palabora Mining Company.


Palabora Europe wanted a new website to showcase a new sharp fresh focus. They needed something that would be secure and fast.


To start this project we got busy designing a website skin. When designing this skin we knew it needed to look sharp, to do this we decided to add SVG elements which enables us to ad obscure shapes to the website. Once the design was approved we got working building the website. We used the Wordpress CMS for this project with a custom built theme. We decided to use Wordpress as this would enable the client to go and change parts of the website but also allow us to build a theme from scratch and exactly to the design.

Redder have thoroughly enjoyed working with Palabora Europe and look forward to a growing relationship in the future.