Redder's Production Director

Andy B

About Andy B

Andy studied Typography & Graphic Communication and has more experience in design for print and web than he’d care to admit for fear of betraying his advancing years. With age comes wisdom, however, and he has a high level of expertise in open-source web and server technologies and oversees our web delivery, ensuring that our servers are maintained and up to date.

Heading up our Production team, Andy will take time to listen carefully to your requirements, working with you to ensure that your branding is communicated accurately. He also manages the team to deliver professional, effective designs and interfaces. This translates directly to the experience your customers will receive when they use the finished article.

Andy’s experience ensures we can provide a complete package to you, including branding, print and electronic design.

Andy is ginger, but no-one’s perfect. Oh, and he’s a grammar pedant. Bizarrely, he will have checked this text. Outside of work he likes to spend time with his family, occasionally swimming, watching films and painting if he can find the time. He is 62% fluent in Spanish according to Duolingo but is still met with confused faces whenever he attempts conversations in Spain.