Simple, Secure Websites

What is it?

Simple websites are the digital premises for your business. A place where potential customers will find your business and browse some information about who you are and what you offer. It needs to be built to withstand the frequent changes in online technologies, be secure to keep all your information safe and look smart to attract new customers and assure current clients.

Why is it important?

Increasingly, this is the first port of call for your customers, often before you even get the chance to see them. So it’s important to have a fresh, clean design that’s easy to use and navigate. Your website is accessible 24/7, so when your business is closed your website is still open. It’s the most cost effective way to keep your business open around the clock to potential customers. And through a simple website, you are able to attract a much larger market as websites are accessible from anywhere in the world.

How can Redder help?

Redder have a team in place that can build simple websites which have the ability to scale into a bespoke system. We recognise the importance of planning ahead and when you choose to start your digital journey with Redder, we will make sure you are ready to move forwards in the future.

Have a question about Simple, Secure Websites?

Our team are happy to answer any questions you may have. Please get in touch with anything you want to ask!

To Recap Simple, Secure Websites

Enables your business to be open 24/7

Attract potential customers from all over the world

Most cost effective way to market your business

Redder will make it easy to use, easy to manage and give it a great 'look and feel'

Responsive websites that look great on mobiles