UI & UX: Design for users

What is it?

A major consideration that’s often overlooked in the development of online systems is the way users will eventually interact with it. It doesn’t matter how beautifully a website or online system is designed if users find it hard work.

UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) Design is the process of honing an online system to be clear in its layout (UI) and as simple and pleasing as possible to use (UX). If people find what they need easily and complete tasks with speed (and even a bit of fun) your site has a much better chance of taking off.


How can Redder help?

The Redder crew have a mix of designers and developers who work together to build websites with all its users in mind. We understand the importance of making a website ‘usable’ but yet aesthetically pleasing. And the frustration for users when a site isn’t as simple to use as it should be.

Our ultimate goal is an elegant solution that is as easy on the mind as it is on the eye.

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