We’re can-do people. We’re all about innovation and creating solutions. Come to us with your business need and we will design, build, maintain & promote the ideal online presence for you and your business. We like nothing more than getting the team together bouncing our ideas around and creating a set of possibilities. Sometimes, the best solution is a simple and straightforward one, other times the best way forward is a complex system to make your life simpler.

We’re happy to help and offer the benefit of our experience, whatever you need.

Simple, Secure Websites

At Redder, we understand not everyone needs a bespoke & highly interactive website. We can get you online with a website designed to suit your business, promoting your products & services effectively to your potential customers. We will ensure your website is secure, fast and built to withstand the fast paced change in online technologies.

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Bespoke Websites

Does your website need to do something more than just a brochure website? If you have a great idea that needs very specific technology to achieve – or you have an existing website but it’s not really doing what you need it to – we are here to help.

We design and build bespoke websites that will help you grow your business. A bespoke system can help streamline your data and process your customer information. We’ll tailor your system to your business specifically, helping to make your business work more efficiently. All this, while sporting a design and user experience that will set you apart from your competitors. We have a variety of packages available to suit any business for any need. Need more information?

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Bespoke Digital Systems

Web-based systems are about more than just customer contact. A custom-built online digital system gives your business the software you need to run efficiently. We build systems that can communicate, process and help you make sense of your data.

Past missions have included building entire web ecosystems to give our clients something entirely bespoke for their company. We are always looking for a challenge. Could your business do with with a system that can really help you grow?

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Digital Marketing

At Redder, we know that businesses need a smart online marketing strategy to reach their customers.

Redder will help you build a strategy that promotes you to potential customers while ensuring you can make sense of the responses you receive. We have a wide range of different packages available to help your business grow and reporting packages to get detailed insights into your data.

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Brand design and development

One key part to making everything a success, your branding is how you should be recognised and known. Let us help you build that into something unforgettable, sleek and modern. Business branding is everything from your company logo and the typefaces you use to your product design and the tone of voice you use in your communication. We’ll develop a vision with you and help you make that vision a reality.

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UI & UX Design

A major consideration that’s often overlooked in the development of online systems is the way users will eventually interact with it. It doesn’t matter how beautifully a website or online system is designed if users find it hard work.

UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) Design is the process of honing an online system to be clear in its layout (UI) and as simple and pleasing as possible to use (UX). If people find what they need easily and complete tasks with speed (and even a bit of fun) your site has a much better chance of taking off.

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Ecommerce Websites

Ecommerce is big. Between 2012 and 2017, the UK’s online retail sales grew by more than £30bn. If you sell any kind of product and don’t offer it on an ecommerce website you could be missing a crucial part of your revenue stream. We have a wealth of experience in building and growing online shops.

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Hosting & Online Support

Redder has been hosting and maintaining sites for clients since 2005 and we offer top-quality support and hosting to businesses of all sizes. Our hosting packages offer rocket speeds, great security and expert knowledge to keep everything running smoothly. We are committed to responding to issues quickly and efficiently and providing guidance to improve any technical aspects of your online presence.

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